We’re a one big family, looking after each other

Sakthi Finance is deep-rooted in commitment and driven by values. We champion the cause of the individual by offering him the best possible opportunities to build a rewarding career. Sakthi Finance has been the springboard for future leaders for more than 68 years, now. They are groomed in the ‘ownership culture’ as they engage and interact with top management and become active participants in State-of-the-art learning and development programs. Our reputation is built on a strong sense of integrity and code of ethics that underpin our commitment to high standards of corporate behavior. The ethos is reflected in all our business and personal relationships. We ensure that all employees and future prospects subscribe to it.

We take our next leap to 2030, spurred by ambitious plans, sustained growth and profitability. Our cutting-edge technology enabled business processes, powered by Salesforce, a global leader in CRM software will be the perfect launchpad for great careers.

Commitment to Excellence, Agility, Acceptance to new technologies, SMART Goals, Ownership and Leadership are some of the traits that we expect of our employees.

Joining the SF family, is a commitment to excellence, a career which gives you the opportunity to be at your best. Contact us for details on current opportunities.

Talent Acquisition

We take talent very seriously because we believe that talent is priceless. Our briefs to our recruiters are always concise and clear. We don’t just look for sheer ability. We look for future assets. Of course, not to mention, our compensation packages are highly competitive.

Talent Development

Every new employee goes through a thorough orientation where values are imbibed, business is understood and goals are shared. This is the start of a journey of limitless learning and developing. Regular training programs, coaching and mentoring by our real-time functional and business leaders pilot this journey.

For top-notch performers, we offer sponsorships to training and certification programs, conducted by eminent external institutes such as CRISIL, IIBF etc.

We have taken a quantum jump to bring in the world’s best CRM system – Salesforce. Every employee would be trained and skilled in this new software to execute everyday responsibilities, successfully.

Talent Engagement


Life at Sakthi

Our family grows stronger with every passing day. All of us celebrate birthdays, festivals and cultural events as one big, beautiful family. Precisely why some of our employees have spent their entire lifetimes with us!

Coming to work, our performance management system, interwoven into the Salesforce software is the core of our Business Management. Our metrics are based on a balanced scorecard that gives employees, ample scope to showcase achievements. These get captured in a result-oriented manner. We are pro-active in communicating lead measures. This helps us foresee performances and employees take corrective action to enhance their outputs.


Please send your resume to :careers@sakthifinance.com