Rate Matrix

Product Rates
New Commercial Vehicles Upto 22%
Used Commercial Vehicles Upto 28%
New Construction Equipment Upto 22%
Used Construction Equipment Upto 25%
New Cars Upto 20%
Used Cars Upto 28%

Schedule of Charges

Sl. No Details Charges
1 Cheque Collection Charges As may be levied by banker
2 Non-Post Dated / Non ECS Collection Charges Rs 9000/= to be paid upfront
3 Cheque / ECS Dishonouring charges As levied by lender’s banker subject to a minimum of Rs. 750 for each dishonor
4 Assignment  
Documentation Charges Rs. 2000
Processing Fee for assignment 1% of amount outstanding at the time of assignment
5 Repossession  
In the case of repossession of assets, besides actual expenses incurred for repossession / seizure of assets which includes the amount paid / payable to the repossession agent: Actuals subject to a minimum as stated below
  • Stoppage Charges (per occasion)
  • Rs. 750
Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Rs. 750
3 wheelers
  • Rs. 300
Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Rs 1000
  • Rs 3000
Repossession Charges (per occasion)
  • Rs. 3000 Plus Actuals
Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Rs. 1000 Plus Actuals
3 wheelers
  • Rs. 1000 Plus Actuals
Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Rs 3000 Plus Actuals
  • Rs 3000 Plus Actuals
Parking Charges (Per Day) Actuals subject to a minimum as stated below
  • Rs. 120
Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Rs. 125
2/ 3 wheelers
  • Rs. 100
Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Rs 150
  • Actuals subject to minimum
of Rs 200
6 Cash Collection Charges – where 2 dues or entire outstanding in arrears Rs. 350/- per instance
7 Charges for issuing duplicate Termination Papers Rs. 1000/-
8 Cash handling charges Rs. 250/- per installment
9 Rescheduling charges for altering & rescheduling the instalments at the request of the borrower Rs. 2000/-
10 Charges for furnishing Statement of Accounts (2ndtime) Rs. 250/- per statement
11 Charges for issuing No Objection Letter / Certificate to RTO for Permit Renewal and Re-registration Rs. 1000/-
12 Charges for swapping of cheque (per occasion) Rs. 500/-
13 Charges for amending the terms of agreement at borrower’s request (per occasion) Rs. 2500/-
14 Charges for issuing copy of invoice at borrower’s request Nil at Present
15 Charges for transferring the registration certificate in borrower’s name and also for incorporating hypothecation / hire purchase endorsement in the registration certificate in respect of pre-owned transaction Actual expenses
16 Pre-Closure Charges  
Pre-Closure up to 6 Months  Not Permitted up to six months
From 7thMonth to 12Months 6% on the outstanding Principal
+ Applicable GST
From 13thMonths to end of the tenure 4% on the outstanding Principal + Applicable GST
17 Service Charges Up to 5 % + Applicable GST on the financing amount
18 Document Charges  Up to Rs 3000/- + Applicable GST at Present