Tenure of investment 24 months

Yield/Annum 10.33%

Series II

Tenure of investment 39 months

Yield/Annum 11.31%

Series V

Tenure of invesment 49 months

Yield/Annum 12.17%

Series VIII

Tenure of invesment 62 months

Yield/Annum 13.30%

Series XI

Issue Size Rs.100Cr with an option to retain over-subscription up to Rs.100CrMinimum Investment: Rs.10,000 and in multiples of Rs.1000

ASBA Mode Only & Demat Account Compulsory

Specific Terms of Issue

Options Tenor (Months) Coupon Rate (%) p.a. Effective Yield (%) p.a. Frequency of Interest Payment
I 24
9.50 9.50 Monthly
II N.A. 10.33 Cumulative
III 39
9.75 9.75 Monthly
IV 9.75 10.11 Annually
V N.A. 11.31 Cumulative
VI 49
10.00 10.00 Monthly
VII 10.00 10.38 Annually
VIII N.A. 12.17 Cumulative
IX 62
10.25 10.25 Monthly
X 10.25 10.65 Annually
XI N.A. 13.30 Cumulative

TOLL FREE NO: 1800 1030 120



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